Tuesday Treat n.21

Really quick Tuesday Treat since this week is the busiest I’ve ever had! Three cute dresses I love and I think I’ll buy this summer (or at least one of them).


These two are both Lindy Bop dresses. The first one is the Audrey Blue Tropical Leopard Print Swing Dress and I’m a bit surprised that I like it. It’s not my usual kind of print and leopards, which are not one of my favourite animals for prints, but here they work really well. The colours are also something unusual for me: I’m not a fan of this combination but here is adorable! I’d wear it everyday. The Audrey is a classic style that Lindy Bop sells in different colours and prints and it’ very versatile. Plus, it’s sold with a matching belt. The second dress is the Bambi Watermelon Pip Print Swing Dress. I like watermelon prints a lot but this is different from the previous one. The seeds are more stylised and the print doesn’t feature the green skin. In my opinion this makes the dress wearable all year long, not only in summer, if properly styled. They both cost £ 35 and come in a great range of sizes (from 8 to 26).


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