Tuesday Treat n.18

Here we are again. Another week has started and I’m here again with bird prints. I know you my be tired of them but it’s note my fault! Shops launch every week new clothes with cute prints and I love them! Let’s see what I found.


The Annie Rose Thorns Floral Retro Dress in Black by Dolly and Dotty is something unusual for me. I’m not a fan of rose prints. I like them but I usually prefer less known flowers. However, this dress catched my attention. I like this print a lot, even though I can’t understand why. I like the red roses against the black background and to me is a stunning evening dress. I not really sure I would wear it for work but I would definitely wear it for a date. This dress is available in sizes 8 – 24 for just £ 39.99.


I choose two different dresses by Lady V London because I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. I like the first one, the Fantastic Cat Nancy Dress, because I like cats and I’m always looking for cat printed clothes. I find the Nancy really pretty and, even though is pink, I would definitely wear it because of the black cats. I find it a great dress for everyday use.

I think I don’t really need to say why I love the Hummingbird and Roses on Champagne Tea Dress, right? I know it has roses on it but it also has hummingbirds! Who doesn’t love hummingbirds? This Tea Dress is very cute and I could wear for special events or even for work.

Both dresses cost £ 50 but they’re selling fast so if you like them you need to run!


The last dress of this week’s Tuesday Treat is the beautiful Anita Blossom and Bird Wrap Dress by Lindy Bop. I like this one because it seems very floaty and perfect for summer temperatures. The print is not too vivid so you can wear it almost every day. Another great thing about it: it’s a wrap dress! I like wrap dress because they enhance almost every body shape and they’re also great for breastfeeding. The Anita is a new style and is available with this print only. You can find it in sizes 8 – 26 and the price is £ 32.


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