Tuesday Treat n.16

This week’s Tuesday Treat is all about flowers! I choose three items I liked a lot and they happened to feature all floral prints!

lady v

I’ve always had a thing for poppies, I don’t know why but I love them a lot. I even choose to have one in my name! The Black Poppy Hepburn Dress by Lady V London would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe and a great spring dress for every pin up. The fabric features lot of flowers in vivid colours, poppies and cornflowers, plus berries and butterflies. I love the Hepburn dress! It’s a great style and really versatile. Perhaps it could be a little too long on me but I can hem it a bit. The dress is available in sizes 8 – 12 and 20 – 26/28 and costs £ 50.


This is another print I really love and I’m pleased to see that Pinup Girl Clothing has just released this Harley Top in Purple Orchid Sateen.  The top seems so tropical and wild, perfect for summer! It features a green background a big purple and yellow orchids (even though sometimes they seem iris to me). I hope I’ll have the chance to buy it because is so cute! I know there is also a dress in the same print but I’m not sure about it. It seemed to me a bit too much eye-catching. The Harley top comes in sizes XS – 4X and the price is $76.

dolly and dotty

Another great floral dress! I just can’t stop looking at this Annie Swing Dress by Dolly and Dotty. The floral print features some of my favourite colours: red, green and purple. As I already said, I think versatility is something important when buying in a dress and being on a budget. This dress could work well for everyday wear but I think it could be great also for formal occasions. The price is very friendly, if you’re on a budget like me: it’s £39.99 and the sizes are 8 – 24.


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