Tuesday Treat n.15

I’m having a lot of fun with this weekly post! I’ve finally reached the 15th one and I think I’m not going to stop. Here’s this week’s Treats.


Here’s something new from one of our favourite brand: the new Erina Dress in Anchor Print by Collectif Clothing. Erina is a patio style dress we already saw last year but this time she has a new print. I’m a huge fan of anchor prints! They’re the perfect addition for every seaside inspired outfit and they work well with blue and red, two colours I wear a lot. I find the Erina very summery, but also a great dress for work with the perfect accessories: the Orchid Striped Cardigan, also by Collectif, would be a nice match to me. The Erina costs £ 83.50 and comes in sizes 6 – 22.


You probably already know Revival Lingerie. I bought my first suspender belt on their website and I loved. Last week they launched some new items and, among the other beautiful things, I decided I needed to show the new colours of they High Waist Pull-on Girdle. I’ve always had a thing for girdles and this new colours are amazing! My favourite one is the purple one but I find the teal and the fuchsia very pretty too. If this is the first time you see Revival Lingerie pieces, my biggest advice is to visite their online store and check their products. Their reproductions are great without being too much far from the vintage ones. Plus, they stock a lot of different styles so any girl can find what she’s looking for. The price is very friendly to me (£ 34): just check their website for their size chart to find the right size for you!

66409785-origpic-b12381.jpg_0_0_100_100_300_450_75 EMMY

I’ve seen a lot of pin ups on Instagram wearing Emmy’s cardigan and to me they’re some of the most beautiful cardis in the world. They seems to be also super comfortable and warm, too. Unfortunately, they are out of my league at the moment but thi doesn’t mean I can’t dream and I can’t check their website. This is their Rock Around the Clock Dress with the new Violet and Green colours. I like that, even tough is a tartan style fabric, it’s still very springy and summery too. I’d love to wear it to work. It seems to be so comfortable! Plus the buttons details on the waist are super cute! The dress comes in sizes 36 – 52 and costs € 215. I find it a little bit pricey but I also think that this dress is very versatile and a great addition to every pin up wardarobe.


Last but not least, another great items by Lindy Bop, the new Daniella Book Print Skirt. I loved this book print when I saw the shirt dress they made a few months ago but I hadn’t the chance to buy it and I also wasn’t sure about it. My concerns about it were that the print seemed exaggerated on a dress, but it seems more appropriate on the skirt. If I worked in a library I would buy this immediately: it’s too cute! Plus it has pockets! I love pockets! The colours on the print are amazing but not excessively vivid. The price is very nice (£ 25) and my big advice is to run to your pc immediately if you want one!


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