Tuesday Treat n.10

I reach 10 Tuesday Treats! I have to say I’m really proud of myself. I was afraid I’d lost interest in this weekly post but I’m happy to say it didn’t happen!

So, here’s some fresh new items! And let’s get ready for Viva Las Vegas!


Miss Candyfloss launched a new range of hair flowers. I choose again a red hibiscus because it’s very colourful and is the perfect addition to a lot of outfits, not only the tiki ones. The Kristin – Rose is made of foam and has a plastic clip. The price is € 17.50.


The new Bernice in Mint Green Floral Bee Print by Lindy Bop is the dress that Spring itself would wear. The sweetheart neckline is very pretty and I’m really in love with the print! Bees and flowers: how cute! Also, the design of the flowers seems very vintage inspired and I like this kind of things a lot. I hope I’ll have the chance to buy one. I think the price is great, too: £ 35, and it has pockets! Sizes go from 8 to 26.


These are the new Flapper Shoes by Pinup Couture available at Tiger Milly. These heels are amazing! The mint colour is perfect for Spring but, if you’re not a fan of it, the Flapper are also available in pink and black. I like the style because is quirky but still cute. The height is great because it’s 3″ and this makes them suitable for work too. At the moment the sizes are UK 3 – 9 and the price is £ 67.95.


vanya-crane-border-swing-dress-p4254-150154_zoom collectif.jpg

You already know I love birds and oriental prints and the new Vanya by Collectif Clothing has both! Plus, it features a yellow background! What could I ask more? The print is really interesting, I could spend hours watching every single detail. I like how simple looks the top. It seems like you’re wearing separates. Due to the fabric of the skirt (it’s brocade!) I think this dress is perfect for events, rather than for everyday use. A similar style is the Claudia, which features a different neckline and a silver skirt with the same cranes. They both come in sizes 6 – 22, but the Vanya price is £ 94.50, while the Claudia costs £ 101.50.



Last but not least, this amazing Gold Flake Teardrop Earrings by Modern Sparkles. I mainly choose the because of their shape, that I like a lot, and because of the combination of gold and mint. These colours really caught my eye immediately! These seem to be carved out of a quartz or some kind of mineral. The price is £ 16.36 and I also recommed to check the entire shop out because Modern Sparkles has wonderful items!



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