Tuesday Treat n.7

Last week we saw a huge number of new items! Everyday I saw new clothes, new accessories, and I wanted to put everything on this post. Obviously, I can’t. I need to pick just some treats. So I’ll do my best and I’ll try to not exaggerate.



This new shirt dress by Lindy Bop. I think the print is really cute (on the right a photo of it) and I like the colour of the fabric too. I’m not sure it would work equally well with pale skin but I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The buttons are also really pretty: the – y are tiny fake pearls that go from the collar to the waist. The Tallulah dress comes in sizes 8 – 26 and costs £ 30.

As a lot of other girls, I too was waiting for the new additions on Shazam Hair Flowers. They almost have every flower in the world and I think they’re great too. I choose two of my favourite flowers among the new accessories: the Billie Holiday Inspired Gardenia and the Red Hibiscus. I can almost smell the gardenia! And the hibiscus is the perfect addition to your tiki outfit. They’re just stunning! The Gardenia costs £ 20 and the Hibiscus is £7.50.


If you follow Voodoo Vixen on Facebook or Instagram you probably know that spring has landed on their website. There are a ton of new thing but this Ronnie Top catched my eye. I doesn’t feature funny prints or other. It’s a simple black top but I really love this one. I think I’ll soon add to my wardrobe. It’s mad of viscose, polyester and a bit of elastane, so I think it has a bit of strecht. It would work well with almost everything and I think it would be a great staple for a pinup. Plus, the price is great: just £ 22.

TRIXIEDRESSberrychantilly-web TRASHY DIVA.jpg

Another yellow dress! This is the Trixie Dress by Trashy Diva in the new print Berry Chantilly (here the full range). Among the other styles, I choose this one because I like the neckline (do we call it neckline?). Plus I find this print perfect for spring and summer. I always looking for clothes or fabrics with fruits printed on. Above all, I have a thing for berries in general (of course cherries, too) and apples. This is exactly my style! I’m crying a little inside because it’s a little out of my reach: indeed, the price is $ 183.


This Floral Dress by Revival Retro is the perfect spring dress. The powder blue on the background reminds of colour of the sky and the daisies are the same we’ll see soon in our garden. I love the small details of this dress: the buttons in a pair, the high waistband, the gathered fabric under the breasts. I find it a quite simple dress, but at the same time is also really elegant. This beauty comes in sizes 8 – 16 and the price is £ 85. I f you like the print but not the style, a 50’s version of it is available on Revival Retro website here.

The new Pastel Collection by Splendette! I choose to show only the large one because it’s easier to see the details. However, I like all the bangles and all the colours! Launched on Friday, the Pastel Collection features 7 different colours and 5 different sizes. The newest addition is the dutchess size with a larger diameter, available at the moment for three colours. Next Friday Splendette will do a second launch, so be sure to check their website!


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