The Courtney Dress by Lindy Bop

A few months ago I bought my first repro dress from Lindy Bop. It was love at first sight! I liked everything of the Courtney Dress! I loved the tartan fabric.


I was really excited as it was my first purchase and I was really happy when it arrived. I ordered before I started my diet so know is a little too big on the bust. However, as other girls stated on the website, I found the sleeves too much tight. So, at the moment, the sleeves are perfect, I just need to take in the bust a bit.

DSC_0062 (2).JPG

I like the fabric of this dress a lot: it’s very soft and really comfortable. It’s perfect for automn and winter, and it’s also a great Christmas dress.


The Courtney came with a matching belt, really really cute but a little too long. I like the detail on the sleeves and I’m thinking about adding a button or two. I’ll probably put a stitch or two to take them in place.

DSC_0172 (2).JPG

Unfortunately, this specific dress is currently out of stock. However, you could still look for it in Lindy Bop swap groups on Facebook. The Courtney style is available in three different colours and prints, available on Lindy Bop website here.



Dress – Lindy Bop

Earrings – Handmade by me

Shoes – Deichmann

PetticoatBlack Butterfly

Stockings – Philippe Matignon

Suspender belt – Revival Lingerie


I had a lot of fun when we took this photos , even though it was freezing and the hair decided to not collaborate! I liked this dress a lot, so I decided to review it anyway despite being out out of stock and the fact that it’s not perfect. I knew that it could have some problems but with a needle and some thread it’s easily solving.



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