Tuesday Treat n.6

New Tuesday Treat, new items we all need to save for! I know more are coming in the next weeks and I’m super excited about it!

This week I choose 5 items I really liked a lot. However, I have to say, there could be more. I just had to stop myself because I was sighing too much.

BP310-HEATHER-NUDE_1024x1024 pretty kitty fashion.jpg

I’m not sure these shoes were added this week but when I saw them I literally fell in love and I decided I needed to add them to my Tuesday Treat (and to my personal collection, I hope). The Heather Heels by Bettie Page are available at Pretty Kitty Fashion, that also stock a cute pink version. I really like the detail on the upper part of the shoe. Plus the heel it’s 3″ and it seems high enough to make you look taller but not too much, so you won’t stress your feet. These shoes comes in sizes UK4 .-UK8 and cost £ 69.99.

SS17LYRAlotusflower_A lady v.jpg

The Lyra Dress is a style alread present in Lady V London website but this new print is really fashinating! The Lotus Flower print features beautiful coloured flowers: I recognized obviously lotus flowers, in different shades and pink ibiscus flowers. Due to this flowers and the leaves colours this dress is easy to match with your own accessories. This dress is part of Lady Voluptuous label, which has a large number of cute styles and prints, so make sure to check all their dresses! This dress comes in sizes 16 – 30/32 and costs £ 45.


Available in different styles and in different colours this new Luxulite brooch is the accessory every girl need. I choose the Jumbo Fish 1 in Blue because I found it funnier and prettier but you can also choose between a mini set of two pins or a longer versione of this one (Jumbo Fish 2). The colours are Blue (the one I choose), Pink, Lemon and Seafoam Green. The prices varies between €17.03 and €18.25 (this is due to the different styles available).

orchid-striped-cardigan-p4080-139986_zoom collectif.jpg

As you may or may not know, I love blue. I also love stripes but people always told me stripes aren’t for big girls. However, I recently discover that I don’t care people’s opinion that much so I thik this cardigan will be my first striped item! The Orchid Cardigan by Collectif Clothing would be perfect with sea-themed outfit but it would work well also with other kind of outfit. The cardigan costs £45.50 and comes in sizes 6 – 22 (at the time I’m writing the size 8 isn’t in stock).


Last but not least, this 40’s shirt dress by House of Foxy: the Busy Lizzie. I love the print and I love the style of the dress. I particularly like the little details: the red buttons, the sleeves design, the collar and the bow on the waist. I think this is a perfect repro of a vintage dress. The print also look very vintage! I’m almost sure my grandma had a dress with a similar print! This dress comes in sizes 8 – 18 and costs £ 125.


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