The Alda Skirt

You may have noticed I named this skirt, as a lot of vintage shops do. No, I’m not going to open a shop. I just decided that, since I’m really attached (and a bit proud too) to all my sewing project I’ll start giving names to my homemade pieces. I like this idea a lot!

I asked my boyfriend if he could take some photos of me and my skirt. I was really excited about it, even though it was my first time “modelling” and it wasn’t professional at all (I had a lot of fun though).

DSC_0102 colori.jpg

I made this skirt for myself the other week. I found this piece of fabric between my mother’s offcuts. It’s a piece of new wool, a pink and purple tartan. It’s really soft and strong, and I found it perfect for this season.


I started thinking about another round skirt but the piece wasn’t long enough. I spent a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest looking for patterns or ideas but nothing catched my eyed. So I ended creating my own pattern! With this style I’m going a bit out of my comfort zone but I like a lot!


I looked for some vintage buttons at my grandma’s but she hadn’t enough of the same type. I headed to my local haberdasher’s and I found these dark wooden buttons I really love. I think they work pretty well with the skirt!

I noticed there’s a little gap between the waist and the skirt, I already solved with a button hook. However, the piece of fabric is enough long underneath, so nobody could have seen anything.


Skirt – Handmade by me

Cardigan and skirt – H&M

Shoes – Deichmann

Sunglasses – Tiger

Necklace – Colours&Beauty

Earrings – Combipel


I had a lot of fun designing, sewing and modelling this skirt! This piece is the first I sew without using an elastic band. I’m finally more confident about myself and I like how the skirt looks on me. I think I’ll usit a lot! It just makes me sad that we only have one month of winter.

All the photos were taken in the garden of the Peraga family’s Castle in Vigonza, near Padua (Italy). I hope I’ll have the chance to do it again in spring or summer in its full beauty!


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