Tuesday Treat n.4

This week’s Tuesday Treat is all about dresses. I didn’t do it on purpose. I just love dresses and the new styles and prints launched this week were too much cute. I had a hard time choosing only the following items. Let’s get started!

cara-pink-cat-border-print-swing-dress-p3259-19510_zoom cara-pink-cat-border-print-swing-dress-p3259-19511_zoom

Lindy Bop launched a few new pretty pieces this week but this is the one that hit me the most. You probably don’t know that I’m a little bit a “crazy cat lady”. So the Cara Dress with Pink Cat Border is probably the perfect dress form me. The skirt is pink but not the shade I hate. The contrast between black and pink is very pretty and the white cats add a nice detail. I also love the pockets design, with the little black fabric button on it. I really can’t wait to buy it! The Cara comes in sizes 8 – 26 and the price is £ 40.


I’ve already talked about my love for shirt dresses. I’ve already noticed the Caterina Dress by Collectif Clothing in the past few months. I liked the Sherwood print a lot but I hadn’t the chance to buy it. This new colour is perfect for summer and spring. I think this would work well even for the office. Sizes from 6 to 22, price is £ 68.


Finally, I choose two dresses from Lady V London. I just liked them too much. The first one is the Tea Dress in Beautiful Birds on Blue print. I love everything of this dress: the colours, the print, the style, the bow on the back. I can’t actually find something I would change. The birds are probably kingfishers but I’m not sure. The second dress is the Hepburn in Love Birds print. The Hepburn features a longer skirt and has a thin pink belt that matches the colours of the prints. The birds and the flowers are really colourful and vivid but without being too much. I think this is the most summery dress, while the first one is more springy (even though, I think this one would work great all year long, if properly accessorized). The dresses come in sizes 8 – 22 (the Hepburn goesu up to 28) and they both cost £ 50.


I had a lot of fun this week because I saw a lot of new things I actually adore. This kind of things make me happy to write my blog, even though I still have a lot to learn.



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