Tuesday Treat n.3

I wanted to post one of my recent purchase review on the blog this week but, unfortunately, due to the weather condition, I couldn’t take the photos I wanted to. At the moment it’s raining very heavily. I like rainy days but not when I need to make something outside.

Anyway, Tuesady Treat n.3! I choose 7 items this week. Actually, I was going for 6 but I found the cutest bag ever and I have to put it here.


The Daisy Top by Lindy Bop has an adorable shape. I love the keyhole on the chest and the fact that it will be probably perfect from now to the end of summer. But the print was what hit me the most: I love floral and I love fans because they remind me of kimono fabrics. Plus, I think the colour are well combined, and it would be very easy to coordinate it with your pieces. The Daisy come in sizes from S to XXL and costs only £ 19.

6453_banned-addis-heart-of-gold-handtasche.jpgSo, this is the bag I couldn’t resist to. It’s too much cute for me! The Addis Bag by Banned is made of faux leather and has a sew-in handle. I love the two big round eyes and the embroidered nose! This black one is available at Lucky Lola, but TopVintage stocks this one plus the other colours (pink, purple and light blue).


This cute Revival Retro blouse is the perfect item for the 30’s lovers. The colour seems to be pink but the description refers to it as a “vintage ivory”. Isn’t one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? The cut clearly reminds of the sailor style, that was very popular during those years. Available from size 8 to 16, the price for this blouse is £ 48.


I love how quirky and stylish Lola Ramona shoes look. They’re in my dreams since I discovered this brand. I choose the June in red as they are perfect for St. Valentine’s Day (alert! one week left!). The red shade is very beautiful and I love the hearts details on the front. Plus the contrast between white and red makes these shoes perfect for all year long.

lucy-gingham-cardigan-p4022-134565_zoom.jpgI’ve firstly seen this cardigan in pink and I liked it but I wasn’t sure about the pink as I’m not a fan of it. I like some shades but not a lot. But the I saw this version of it and I fell in love. You know I love the red colour but I also love gingham and cropped cardigan so this is a 3 time winning cardi! The Lucy Cardigan is available at Collectif Clothing for £45.50 and I think it won’t last long so go grab it!


I’ve always loved the Sarong Dress by Vivien of Holloway, even though I never had the chance to buy one (but this is my lucky year!). I’ve seen on Sunday that Vivien launched this new print, the Bird of Paradise, available in black or blue background. The print is really beautiful and makes me think of a holiday in a tropical island.


Last but not least, last week big launch: Ocean Vibe Collection by Erstwilder. All their pieces are a dream but the one I like the most is Ocatvious the Octo-Scribe Brooch. It’s really cute and has this vintage mustache that makes it the most funny among the others. You can find it on Erstwilder website for £21.49.

I’m having a lot of fun with this section so I think I’ll go on as long as I find something new and cute. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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