How I dye my hair

I started dyeing my hair when I was 15. I wanted to dye my hair red because it seemed to me a beautiful colour and at that time I thought it was very unique. I didn’t like my natural colour: brown hair (chatain), with a strange greyish shade that reminded me of a mouse. I remember that my mother didn’t want me to completely dye my hair red so we made a compromise: only red meches, and not too much bright. I wasn’t worried because I just wanted her to get used to it.

When I thought I was old enough I finally dyed my entire head red with henna. I remember my mother was really surprised with the results and eventually said that she really loved that colour. I choose a cherry red henna (with only 1% of chemical components) that I loved so much. It made my hair so shiny and strong, but still soft, and the colour was enough bright without being unnatural. Unfortunately this henna is discontinued. I found a similar product, not as bright as the other, but enough to be my new favourite.


This is the one I use. The brand is Sitarama and I usally use the powder in Auburn shade, which is quite similar to the one I used before. I sometimes add a little bit of another shade from the same brand, the Acajou, which is a bit more orange. Sitarama provides 7 different colours, all available on Amazon. This box contains 100gr of products but I only use half of it for my hair (they’re 10cm below my shoulder) and I find it in a herbalist’s shop near my house for 6,50 euro.

I actaully find this product quite simple to use. You only have to add boiling water to activate it, then you can start applying it. I sometimes add lemon juice or black tea to the hot water because I read they can fix better the colour. I start applying the henna on my clean hair on the roots. When I’m done with the roots I go on with the rest of my hair. I put some plastic wrap around my head and I keep it at rest for 2 hours. I wash my hair with hot water until all the henna powder is gone (yes, the powder doesn’t actually dissolve completely) and then I continue washing my hair with my normal shampoo and conditioner.

Henna stains a lot so I always apply a bit of oil or shea butter on my face, particularly on my ears, nape and forehead. Plus I use a dark towel to dry my hair. I also have an old tracksuit I only use when I’m dyeing.

If you want to give henna a try I highly recommend it but, before doing it, ask some information to your hairdresser.


I’m not giving instructions. This is the method I use to dye my hair. Please, read carefully the instructions inside the dye box. Remember that henna doesn’t get along with other chemicals threatments so talk with your hairdresser about any change before/after dyeing your hair with henna.

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