How’s my diet going on?

4 months and 15 days ago I started dieting but I’m not alone. Once a month I have a meeting with a nutritionist with whom I couldn’t do it. I’m actually pretty proud of myself because I lost 11+ kgs. This holidays weren’t really hard for me: I hadn’t enough time to think about panettone and chocolates and I didn’t miss them too much. Since I have a free meal once a week I used it to eat the Christmassy desserts and to drink eggnog. I love eggnog! I missed it a lot! I’m really happy about the results I’m having and I think it wouldn’t be difficult to continue.

My New Year Resolutions: Go on with my diet and exercise more. As I already wrote I don’t want to become super skinny. I just think that, being 1,59m tall, it will be unhealthy for me to weight this much. I already have sporadic knee and back pain and I don’t want to make it worse. I wasn’t happy about my weight but I wasn’t strong enought to start dieting alone. Having someone who follows me during this path is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

But all of this it’s just about me. You have to be free to love yourselves, non matter if you like to be skinny or curvy. If you are healthy, just be what makes you happy and don’t worry about the others. Be proud of yourself.


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