Talking about Lingerie

So, my first post in English is about how I discover that vintage foundation still exists and it’s even more glamourous than the modern one.

When I started looking for vintage repro I didn’t ask myself what pinups wear under their faboulous dresses. I knew about suspender belts and stocking but I thought that nowadays the only available pieces were the ones Intimissimi sells. Don’t get me wrong, Intimissimi does cute things but I wanted something more retro. Plus this kind of lingerie seems to be sewn for the bedroom. Moreover I feel intimidated by the perfect skinny bodies of the perfect models. This suspender belt-slip set is very beautiful: I love the lace details but it doesn’t seem practical, nor comfortable. And I’m quite overweight so this isn’t really for me.

I searched through the web looking for something affordable here in Italy but I didn’t find what I was looking for. So I switched for European online shops and I finally discover something. The first e-shop I stumbled upon was What Katie Did and I fell in love. I don’t know how much time I spent on their site dreaming I would wear those French knickers and corselettes one day. These are just some of my favourite pieces.

Then I discovered more and more websites and I decided I would start saving. But I didn’t know what to buy. Luckily I found Elinor and her blog, The Nylon Swish. She has a ton of suggestions and advice for newbies. She wrote four posts about the fundamentals of vintage underwear, one more interesting than the other. I started reading the blog and finally I cleared my mind. I also realized that I was dieting so buying expensive pieces of lingerie wasn’t a great idea. Then again Elinor helped me writing about Revival Lingerie. So I headed to their website and I discovered they had (and they still have) a 30% discount on everything! I really love their products: they are affordable, glamourous and practical but, above all, awesome. I wanted to buy everything! Eventually I ended up buying only one thing. Can you guess what I bought?



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